Why You Need Eyebrow Makeup Service

When someone paints or takes a picture they want the world to see they put it in a frame.  This frame helps to make the picture stand out by defining its edges.  Your eyebrows help to frame your face.  While an artist can step back and see which frame makes the picture look best, it is more difficult for you to do that in a mirror.  An experienced eyebrow expert like Stefanee Kelley with BrowsByStefanee can objectively look at your face and help you achieve that perfection.

Benefits of Using Eyebrow Makeup

There are many different types of makeup on the market and some are specifically for brows.  By knowing which makeup to apply and how can make a big difference to properly frame the face.

eyebrow makeup

A More Youthful Look

Proper shape, tweezing and even brow tinting can help rejuvenate your face.  With over 18 years in the business, Stefanee Kelley provides expert brow tinting in Nashville giving you that natural youthful look.

An Attractive Face Shape

Knowing how full to keep your brows depending on the size and shape of your face can make a big difference.  In most cases a smaller face should use thinner eyebrows while a larger face should have thicker eyebrows.  With just the right tweaking of eyebrows can change your overall look.

A More Refined Appearance

In addition to shaping, the proper positioning of your brow also determines your overall look.  Brow Mapping helps properly align how brow with your eyes, nose and mouth.

Don’t Tweeze Too Much

Over tweezing is damaging to the brow and doing it improperly can be painful and cause soreness and redness.  Brow hairs take a while to grow back and if you tweeze the wrong hairs it will definitely affect your look.  Of course, if that happens, BrowsByStefanee can help fix that error.

Let BrowsByStefanee help you achieve your perfect look with proper eyebrow makeup and by properly framing the picture of your face for the world to see.  Visit our salon in Nashville or schedule your own private session online today at www.browsbystefanee.com