Permanent eyebrow makeup

Revitalize Your Beauty with Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup allows you to enhance your natural beauty all the time without having to constantly reapply makeup. It provides a long lasting and natural effect of your features. What is Permanent Makeup? Permanent makeup, also called Micro-pigmentation or Dermal-pigmentation, is a form of tatto...Read More >>

Why You Need Eyebrow Makeup Service

When someone paints or takes a picture they want the world to see they put it in a frame.  This frame helps to make the picture stand out by defining its edges.  Your eyebrows help to frame your face.  While an artist can step back and see which frame makes the picture look best, it is more diffi...Read More >>

Everything you wanted to know about Permanent Makeup!

Ever heard of Permanent Makeup? It is a cosmetic procedure which involves the implantation of pigments into your skin that would reproduce the look of cosmetics. This procedure is also referred to as cosmetic tattooing. This makeup technique is gaining much popularity in the beauty industry. BrowsBy...Read More >>